Let’s face the fact that we’ve been seeing Easter — or should I say, Passover — celebrations as annual events that we had been obliged to attend; be it in schools, offices, and of course, churches.
But this year, SMAK 2 PENABUR Jakarta decided to hold a slightly different Passover service slash celebration.
Despite having our Passover service led by a local Theological School (Sekolah Tinggi Teologia), we were also encouraged to understand the true meaning of Jesus’ ressurection.
For all we know, thousands of years ago our Savior’s died in our place in order to pay for our uncountable sinful acts.
He was not wept for long though — He rose from the dead three days afterwards.
Well, on the previous April 18th, we were taught by Pastor Albert, a preacher from GKI Jatinegara, that sins aren’t all that Jesus died for.
He did not give up His life solely to hand us a clean slate to begin our lives again with, but also to make our little brains comprehend how much our lives matter!
This Passover service told us, me included, not to take things for granted; because Golgotha is not just another hill, Jesus’ death is not just another Bible story, these prove His ever-ceasing love for us!
May this Passover remind us how Jesus’ love gives us a new hope and a reason to live, because our lives had been paid in full; with the blood of Christ.
Happy Passover, may the joy of being redeemed by the Unbroken Redeemer be in your life!
Aurelia Xaviera, XI MIPA 2, SMAK 2 PENABUR Jakarta